Business for Breakfast Networking Podcast Episode 7 – Rob Brown Special

BforB 10 years LogoEpisode 7 of the BforB – Business for Breakfast Networking podcast was recorded this time with Stuart Walton interviewing Rob Brown international authority on referral networking and reputation management. Full details will be updated to the Bforb Podcast wiki page.

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This is a very special podcast to promote the BforB Big Breakfast event where Rob Brown will be the keynote speaker. On the podcast Rob gives some great information on networking and referral marketing and gives you an idea of what you can expect if you attend and see him in person. The BfoB Big Breakfast is an extra special networking breakfast available to all the people attending Staffordshire Marketing Academy’s inaugural event Action for Business:LIVE.

As well as this podcast Rob Brown has also recorded a special podcast for the Staffordshire Marketing Academy’s Podcast talking about Action for Business:LIVE. Link below:

Staffordshire Marketing Academy Podcast – Episode 2 Rob Brown Special

Business for Breakfast Details:
Business Networking is the most cost effective way of attracting new clients and generating new orders. Business Networking provides you with invaluable contacts that gives your company a dramatic boost, regardless of size or turnover. Business Networking frees up your time, reduces your overheads and opens doors to great success.

To find out more how Business Networking the BforB way can help your business, listen to these business owners discuss how they leverage the benefit of being a member of BforB to grow their business and themselves through the power of Referral Marketing.

Join BforB Regional Director for Staffordshire, Stuart Walton and Phil Oakley, Managing Director of Outserve Ltd discuss with business owners how they get the most from business networking and referral marketing, the BforB way.

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